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Now Offering Telemedicine.

Sun'N Lake Medical Group is now offering telemedicine options for our patients.

 How does it work?

You call our office as you normally would and someone will provide you with an appointment and invite link. Through the link you will visit with one of our providers in minutes without leaving your home or office. Most common conditions can be treated through telemedicine.

 What if I already have an appointment setup for telemedicine and lost the link for the session?

In that case the link is:

 Who is eligible for telemedicine?

  • Patients with ADHD, Headaches, Allergies, Rashes, Skin Infections, Asthma, Cold/Cough. 

  • Patients in need of Medications Refills.

  • Disease Management: Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Thyroid Conditions, Hearth Disease.           

  • This is not a complete list, please give us a call for information.

 When are telemedicine appointments conducted?


 Currently we are scheduling telemedicine appointments as we would normally schedule an in-person appointment.

 How Can I schedule a telemedicine appointment?


 Call the office and we will provide you with all the information in regards to eligibility, appointment date and time or any information required prior to telemedicine appointment. 


 Does my insurance cover telemedicine appointments?


Currently we accept most insurance providers that are participating in telemedicine.


 What information should I have on hand for my telemedicine appointment?


 Please have your Insurance information and credit/debit card for copay/deductible (same as would be checking in for an in-person appointment)

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